Comms: ValEx Maintenance Outage

Update: The database server cutover has now been completed. ValEx is now available again for normal operations.

As part of our continual-improvement strategy, we are cutting over to a new database server. The objective is that the cutover will only take a short time however we are allowing for an outage of up to one hour from Sunday 10pm onwards until 11pm.

The disruptions should be minimal however we ask that you observe this time and plan your ValEx activities to avoid this outage window.


Annual Disaster Recovery Test Complete

ValEx has now completed it's annual DR test.

The system is now available for normal operations.

Annual Disaster Recovery Test

On Saturday September 24th between 2:00pm and 5:00pm we will be holding our annual disaster recovery practice.

The purpose of this practice is to ensure that, in the event of an outage at our primary data centre, we can continue to operate our business in an effective manner.


This is a major test of our infrastructure and consequently will require an outage of ValEx for a few hours.

There will be no code changes during this time and, at the conclusion of the practice, you will notice no changes to ValEx.

ValEx Upgrade 24 July 2011

Please be advised, Valuation Exchange was upgraded between 10pm and 11pm on Sunday 24th July.

Please let us know if you have technical difficulties following this period.

ValEx Upgrade

Please be advised, Valuation Exchange was upgraded between 10pm and 11:00pm on Monday 13th June.

Please let us know if you have technical difficulties following this period.

ValEx upgrade

Please be advised, Valuation Exchange was upgraded between 10pm and 11:30pm on Sunday 27th March.

Please let us know if you have technical difficulties following this period. 

ValEx Upgrade 20 Feb '11

On Sunday 20th February 2011 ValEx was upgraded.

If you notice any problems let us know.

ValEx Routine Evacuation

Update: The evacuation has ended, Valuation Exchange staff are now able to respond to your enquiries.


Please be advised that the Valuation Exchange premises are currently experiencing a routine evacuation. We are therefore currently unable to attend to your calls/enquiries.

We expect to be back in the building and operational within the hour. We appreciate your patience at this time.

ValEx Upgrade

ValEx will be upgraded Sunday 23rd January at 10pm - 10:30pm CST.

There should be no or limited unavailability during this time.

Please plan your work accordingly.

ValEx Flood Update

ValEx has received a number of enquiries in light of the very difficult flood conditions currently being experienced in Queensland. With further flooding expected in other areas, ValEx would like to confirm the approach to be taken by valuers when providing flood risk comments in residential mortgage security valuations.

It is expected that a valuer completing a residential mortgage valuation would normally be making enquiries and providing appropriate comments relating to flood risk as a matter of course - regardless of current weather conditions. The Valuer's comments regarding susceptibility to flooding are made in the context of available information at the date of valuation which would typically be expressed in terms of the 100 year ARI (Average Recurrence Interval) event. If these enquiries indicate a flood risk, then this should also be recorded in the Securitisation section of the pro forma valuation report template. This is not the Valuers opinion of the risk of flooding, but a report of the flood risk that has been identified by the relevant authorities.

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