Advanced Notice: Valuation Exchange Database Migration

Dear All,

Valuation Exchange is committed to maintaining our ValEx System to ensure that it continues to cater for our expanding user audience, in terms of speed and new features.

In order for us to do this we are required to perform a significant hardware upgrade to our database infrastructure on Saturday 19th June.

As you will be aware, when we do perform system maintenance or implement new features we are very mindful of our external users and their working arrangements, so generally we are able to keep our outages to a minimum. However, given the significant nature of this hardware upgrade, the expected timeframe for this maintenance outage is 7pm Saturday until 3:30am Sunday 20th June.

ValEx Upgrade

Please be advised that a Valuation Exchange Upgrade will take place on Sunday 30th May at 10pm - 10:30pm. It would be prudent to schedule your work outside of these hours.

Scheduled Downtime for Release 1.6.5 on Sunday the 9th of May 2010 at 9:30pm

Please be advised that a Valuation Exchange Upgrade will take place on Sunday night, 9th of May, between 9.30pm and 11.30pm CST. It would be prudent to schedule your work outside of these hours.

Short outage

ValEx will have a short maintenance outage to some features at 10pm this evening, Wednesday the 14th of April. This should only last a matter of minutes, but may cause errors in some parts of the system. 

ValEx Upgraded

ValEx was upgraded on April 7th. This release focused on changes to our ordering and allocation systems.

If you notice anything odd or out of place; or simply have questions, please let us know.

ValEx Upgrade

ValEx will be upgraded Monday 8th March at 10pm - 11:30pm.

There should be no or limited unavailability during this time.

Please plan your work accordingly.

Update:This work is now completed. 

Annual DR test completed

Thank you for your patience. ValEx is now back to normal operation.

Reminder - ValEx Outage - completed

A final reminder that our Annual DR Test will commence at 2:00pm today and finish at 5:00pm (ACDST).

Please plan any work outside these times as ValEx will be completely unavailable for the duration of the test.

A further notice will be placed notifiying when the site is ready to use again.

ValEx Outage

On Sunday February 28th between 2:00pm and 5:00pm we will be holding our annual disaster recovery practice.

The purpose of this practice is to ensure that, in the event of an outage at our data centre, we can continue to operate as a business.

This is a major test of our infrastructure and consequently will require an outage of ValEx for a few hours.

There will be no code changes during this time and, at the conclusion of the practice, you will notice no changes to ValEx.

Please plan your use of ValEx around these times.

Sales Database

We've upgraded our sales database. We encourage valuation firms and valuers who are interested to watch some of our demonstrations - these touch on our revised search, editing and sale history features.

Notably, this upgrade allows:

  • Valuation Firms to option in or out of the ValEx Public Sales Database (or have their own private firm sales database within ValEx)
  • When adding a new sale the system will check for potential duplicates (to use/copy for a similar or outdated sale)
  • Edit
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