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Can I Copy a Previous Report?

If you are valuing, say, several units in the same building we have a handy time saver for you.

  1. Start a New Online ReportNew Online Report
  2. On the File tab, scroll to the bottom
  3. Enter the Valex job number you wish to copy from, and press Load Into ReportLoad From Previous

Keep in mind that it will not copy sales across, and you will have to check your figures on the Value tab.

Help! I tried this and it's not working!

  • Pressing Upload Existing Report instead of New Online Report is a common mistake.

I'm having trouble uploading an image / I need to resize an image.

Almost all files uploaded to Valex get resized at some point to a maximum of around 800x600 - this cuts down on file size and makes sending quicker.

For your own records, you might wish to take much higher resolution photos; but they will take quite a while to upload to valex if you do.

Two things to try:

  1. Turn down the resolution on your camera a notch or two - check your manual for specific directions.
  2. Read this article on resizing images

What does it mean, Sales Found Check failed? I put in everything...

So you've just completed your job report, and you get to the confirm tab, only to find a big red error - Sales Found Check.

We find the most common reason for this to occur is people have missed the Level of Market Activity and Recent Market Direction fields.

To fix this problem, go to the Sales tab, then the Market subtab. Halfway down the page are the two fields you need.

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